Reshali Balasubramaniam
September 7, 2018
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How to foster Creativity within the Team

Hard work is the most crucial elements to realize a dream but in the competitive environment of today, hard work is not enough. It has been observed that creative solutions set winners apart from losers. Here comes the principle of ‘innovate’ or die into force. Many companies are focusing on a more balance and long-term approach rather than emphasizing on short-term results. Are you a manager? Your employees are doing their jobs well! that’s great! But how to foster creativity and establishing a more creative environment? It is not as hard as it sounds. Follow these amazing tips to encourage creativity –

Set aside the limits

Leaders invest large amount of money and time to kick off new initiatives and then introduce them the limits they have in completing that particular task. Next time, arm the team with what they need and get out of the way. Creativity knows no limits. Creativity is organic. Great things take time and efforts to build.

Have regular brainstorming sessions

Even if it sounds boring and a bit stereotypical, brainstorming works. The only way to overcome a problem or face any challenge is to have a brainstorming session. Brainstorming should not be restricted to specific projects and tasks. Break the daily routine, meet your team over lunch and coffee break, encourage all members to speak and express themselves. Brainstorming sessions must have some ground rules such as all ideas should be written, all participants should actively participate and no idea should be considered stupid.

Provide flexible working environment

Now a days, the traditional office environment is less relevant. It is not that they have to be glued to their cubical and deliver their assignments. You should consider giving your employees the flexibility to work where they please at least some of the time.

Get rid of negativity

“But” is not a great word when brainstorming is on the go. Someone comes up with an idea and you immediately say but we can’t, but we don’t have enough resources, but we are running out of time, but it’s expensive – you ae simply hindering the creativity instead of allowing ideas to develop. Your employees should feel like their ideas are encouraged and rewarded or simply heard. If you reject an idea, explain why and how the idea could be improved. Be supportive and ensure a positive, constructive and open-minded working environment.

Micromanaging ruins things

Observation and follow up are critical at a work place, micromanaging has never been. When you constantly look over one’s shoulder, he/she losses the desire to create, innovate and move freely. And creativity does not take birth in a restricted environment. Empower your team to work and give them autonomy to do so effectively.

Spice up your office

Spice up your office with some comfortable furniture, few splashes of colors, innovative screens and whiteboards. The idea is to establish a creative space where employees can freely meet and exchange ideas.

Establish the right environment and be amazed with what your team members come up with.

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