Reshali Balasubramaniam
November 19, 2018
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Lessons from Entrepreneurs

If we talk about challenging and enlightening lessons, Entrepreneurial journey is full of it. Building a successful name is not luck by chance. It asks a lot of uneasiness, hard work, creativity, willpower to make one. Every entrepreneur’s journey is different but we are sure some of their stories of learning, struggle and success are enough for you to inspire YOU.

Michael Alden, bestselling author and CEO of CloiXonné

Lesson – Keep the curiosity mode always on

Many entrepreneurship circles believe “stick to what you know” is an ultimate school of thought. But after living that for many years, Michael believes in just the opposite. It is must to keep your mind open for new ideas and stay curious what new can be implemented. Fresh ideas pave way to opportunities. Expand your scope by exposing yourself to a multitude of products and businesses. Stop putting your blinders otherwise your perspective will be too narrow. Always remember you will continue to thrive and grow in today’s disruptive era only if you stay curious.

Kevin Harrington, Inventor of the informercial, pioneer of the “As seen on Tv” industry

Lesson- Value your time by putting a price tag on it

There is one thing which holds supreme importance in any business -Time. It is the greatest resource and time wait for none. It is crucial to understand the full gravity of time in order to execute at the top level. While it is important to plan for future, it is as important to live in present and know the real worth of your valuable time. He has been monetizing each moment of every day. While working with shopping channel, he noticed how segments were running minute by minute and every second counts.

Com Mirza, “The $500 Million Man” and CEO of Mirza Holdings

Lesson- Master your thoughts and emotions

Failures, defeats and setbacks teach you the most valuable lessons in life. Indeed, they are painful but they also develop the self-awareness to grow. If you can control your emotions and thoughts at this depressing phase of your life, you can come out as a winner every time. While sharing his experience, he said he himself used to lose temper a lot. But to be a successful entrepreneur, you should spend time in solitude with your thoughts and figure out what you want your life to be.

Marina Rose, Founder and developer of Quantum DNA Acceleration

Lesson -believe in yourself, vision and intuition

Her motto in life is – “To believe it and achieve it, I have to see it, feel it, smell it and taste it. This vision requires an upgraded mindset. Keep on igniting the spark you can find in a child -fierce, adventurous, tenacious, inspirational. Most entrepreneurs loose that self-belief after a few setbacks. But this is the time when you can learn from your failures and move towards success. Positivism makes you what you are. You have to go through in some bad days in order to find the best chapters of your life.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

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