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November 12, 2018
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Who is a Technopreneur ?

A simple entrepreneurship in a technology intensive context is called technopreneurship.  When technology prowess and entrepreneurial talent are merged, the process takes birth.

What is Technopreneurship?

Technopreneurship is a kind of term reserved for entrepreneurs who are dedicated innovators in the field of information technology. Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Kevin Systorm (Instagram), Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google) are some of the great entrepreneurs in the world of information technology.

Who is a technopreneur?

Technopreneur is a person who is technology savvy, dynamic, creative, innovative, passionate and with out of the box thinking. They love to face challenges and leave no stone unturned to lead the life with great success. They do not have any fear of failure. They believe failure is the stepping stone to success. For them, failure is nothing but a stimulator to look things differently and stride for next challenge.

Technopreneur is a person who do not rely on the existing economic order. He introduces new product/service by creating new forms of organizations and utilizing new raw material. He looks at the things with different perspective. His main aim is to bring an innovative change. A technopreneur perceives an opportunity and creates a conducive environment to realize his goals. A risk taker who knows there is a chance of profit in the venture. Technopreneurs set themselves apart from other entrepreneurs with their ability to accumulate and manage knowledge and mobilizing resources to achieve a desired result or goal.

The terms such as Entrepreneur, intrapreneur, technopreneur, Manager and innovator sound similar but there are some parameters that distinguish them with each other. In order to understand these concepts, we need to understand their basic approach.


A person who sets up his own business with his own resources, tries to create a leading position in the market.


Intrapreneur is an employee of the organization who undertakes innovation in product/service/process and others with the help of resources provided by the company.


Technopreneur is an entrepreneur that uses technology in order to create their own place in the market by bringing a change in the society.


The name itself is suggesting the role of the innovator. He introduces new products, new ideas, new services and new ways of doing things.


Manager is an employee of the organization who manages the company and its projects. A manager normally supervises a team who reports to him.

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